SONY Ericsson WTA 2009 hero

Think of other educators who can be similarly nominated…….Suniti Marathe is from way around the world;  a local hero who has garnered international attention. 

From the official website

Name: Suniti Marathe

Residence: Goa, India

Why is the nominee a hero?: My mother has been a high school teacher for 20 years now. She teaches kids at schools in villages. She has pursued the idea of education via examples and innovative thinking. She even spends her spare time thinking about how to teach the next lesson better and preparing for it.

She runs a library at home. The books are mostly for kids. She has gotten many kids in our area to read good books. If books are not available in her library, she personally takes the kids to bigger libraries.

Every person in our area recognizes her not only as a good teacher but as a good person and a good human being.

How has the nominee made a difference in your life as well as in the lives of young women in your community?: My mother enforces that there is nothing better than reading good books. Reading not only improves knowledge, but helps improves diction and awareness.

My mom runs valuable education classes at home. She teaches kids simple values of our society through stories and prayers.

Since she teaches at schools in villages, there are often kids from poor families. She provides uniforms and books to them.

What is an example or anecdote that best shows the nominee’s commitment to supporting gender equality?: Whenever my mom has financially helped kids, she visits the families to see if the kids would need anything else to continue their education.

Which Sony Ericsson WTA Tour player do you consider a hero? Why?: Steffi Graf